Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First ever!

Well, being a new blogger and all this is obvisouly my first ever blog! for me i think that this is a little exciting. I don't as yet know what you put in a blog or any of that kind of stuff.
Form what i have herd it is where people discuss there inner thoughts talk through things and other stuff.
At the moment in my life there is not really a whole lot going on. There is what seems to be the endless study for the exams that i'm told have the possibility of deciding the direction of my future. a scary thing when you think about it.
I am however looking forward to the new adventure that awaits me at the conculsion of school. At this point in time anyway, ask my in a week or even two days and it could be very different.
Anyway, i don't quite know what else to discuss, write about here but i guess/hope that i will learn over time. Hope this is all good for a first blog. I promise that i will get better at them!

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Jono said...

Yay, first comment on blogface!
This was indeed a good first blog, well done. Let us hope you become adicted to the blog world like I once was, and hope to become again after I knock down this blogwall I am faced with. Which may be soon. Read my blog for more information on blogwall.