Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So, i felt like writing a new blog considering i haven't written one in ages although i had no idea what to write. just as i was trying to think of something to write, i found out that a lady that my dad used to work with had just died.
Only about two months and a half months ago she went to the doctors becuase she had been having alot of headaches. The next day she was going in to the hospital for massive surgery to remove a brain tumor. She went through she treatment but it grew back faster and more aggressive then the first time. She had to then make the decision of wither she would leave it and try to enjoy the time she had left or go through more treatment that might not do anything except make her feel more sick. She ended up not choosing the treatment as it was not going to give her very long anyway. She tried to live out the time she had left as best as she could with her kids and her close friends.

The reason i am writing about this is because i find it all so hard to understand. I don't understand why a women that was a nice as she was that had 3 kids and an awesome future ahead of her had die to in this way or even at all. I struggle to find out hpw i can fit my faith in and around these circumstances.

If i am able to get anything at all out of what has happened it would be the whole "make the most of all oppertunities". I often hear this but don't really take notice of it. The recent events surronding my dads good friend have once again made me think about it. It was because of this that i wandered if died, what would i be remebered for? Have i done anything that is worth remebering? Have i made an impact anywhere or on anyone? This may all sound a little full on or weird but i honestly really wander.

I am now convienvced that i do need to make the most of every oppertunity that i am presented with and try to live every day as my last so that if it did happen to be my last i oculd look back and say that i gave it my best shot.
I want to make every second of every day of every week of every year mean something and be able to not regret anything.

I hope that this blog is not to weird but i just needed to write or talk or something. Who knows? Maybe it will impact someone? Or even just myself.


Kiffa said...

Please dont be angry, but i'm not writing anything about your post but i did enjoy it. Just wanted to say (if someone hasn't already pointed it out) that the link to my blog site is a little off. Click on it. hehe. My blog site is a little different: c-davies.blogspot.com
you almost got it. love you Weagan.

Sime said...

Grief, loss, pain, and hurt are so hard to take. Sometimes I feel like I should be immune to the hardships that may come my way. But I reckon, as many do, that we miss so many opportunities for growth in our lives when we don't embrace our troubles and search for, I was going to say meaning, but maybe hope is a better word. Hope that we can make our own worlds better, hope that by making our own world better this will encourage others to do the same and flow on endlessly. It's a bit idealistic, but at my core that's how I feel.

Megs said...

sime, i think that that is kinda where i was trying to go with my blog. i used to struggle alot with these concepts and not be able to learn from them but with where i am at the moment i am trying to learn form them and live out every opertunity that i am presented with. i hope that makes sense.
love n prayers.